Our waxing technique is highly applauded by our clients.  We believe in a quick, painless as possible waxing experience! It’s time to put down those razors and say goodbye to bumps and cuts. Say HELLO to a smoother, sleeker you! We provide a variety of services, we’ve got you covered.


*In order to achieve the best waxing results, your hair should have at least 1/4 of an inch in growth.  Be sure to avoid sun exposure and any heat treatments for at least two hours before waxing and twelve hours after waxing. 

Absolutely, under no circumstances

is it ever okay to double dip.

A new spatula is used each time wax is applied to clients. No matter what area of the face or body is being waxed,   disposable latex-free gloves are always worn. Any implements that come in contact with client's skin are cleaned and fully immersed in a hospital-grade disinfectant. We love what we do and adore our clients. We take your health seriously, as well as our own. 



Waxing Services